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Robyn Wexler completed the Level I iRest training with Richard Miller in July 2011.

Robyn is the Director and Co-Founder of Yoga Yard in Beijing, China. Robyn began teaching in 1998 and has practiced Yoga since 1996. The joy she felt following her first yoga class inspired her to continue. Yoga’s capacity to enable us to feel, listen, and embody our values and intentions, continues to inspire Robyn daily.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Robyn has lived in China since 1999. In addition to her time spent at Yoga Yard, Robyn is a trained doula and offers support services to expecting mothers in Beijing. Pre-natal yoga is one of Robyn's areas of speciality. Robyn is also the mother of two young boys, Ethan and Zachary.

Robyn aims to hold a space that encourages students to develop greater self-awareness and self-trust, while bringing ease and a smile into the practice. Her classes integrate dynamic movements that bring strength and mobility to the body, with practices that offer time for opening into stillness and quiet. Robyn invites students to explore intuitive healing accessed through the alignment of awareness, body and breath.

Robyn is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and teaches in both Mandarin and English.

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