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I discovered iRest® in 2013 when out of curiosity I enrolled in the level I teacher training course.  And what a discovery it was! I knew immediately that the work of Richard Miller would be an integral part of my own personal development and the teachings I would bring to others.  I completed my certification in August 2015. The iRest teachings have become the bedrock of all my work as a Yoga and iRest teacher and Self Esteem coach enabling the people I work with to rediscover their True Nature of peace, ease and joy amidst their ever changing and unpredictable lives.

I hold regular iRest Introductory courses with an emphasis on the deeply nurturing and enlightening teachings of nondualism and the practicalities of integrating a practice into everyday life with ease and simplicity. I also hold weekly ongoing practice groups and facilitate one to one iRest enquiry and co meditation sessions.

Through my career I have been privileged to work with many people on the path of self-discovery and fulfilment and my mission is to help others live a life of happiness by recognising their true nature of calm, ease and joy.

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