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I have filled dozens of dairies with plans on how I was going to change myself. I had notes stuck all over the house to remind myself of the things I should and should not do. And spend hours and days thinking about how I was going to be better, different, perfect. And nothing changed.

It was only when I gave up, that change happened. When I allowed myself to be, to rest and to let go, I realized that I am not my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings and this freedom brought joy and wellbeing. IRest Yoga Nidra supported me enormously in this process, together with my yoga and meditation practice.

As a yoga teacher and certified IRest teacher I now share the IRest Yoga Nidra method with groups and individuals, helping them to make the shift from thinking to feeling and being. I have seen real transformation happen when students find the courage to welcome everything that shows up in their body and mind.

I have recently moved to Australia, after living in Nepal for 12 years, and am now based in the country side near Lismore and Nimbin.

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