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The presence of yoga and meditation  steadily continues to increase in my life as I more readily embrace stillness and compassion for myself and others on a deeply felt level. While I have enjoyed many opportunities to travel, study, and live in multiple states and countries, I also experience the stress that comes with a lack of feeling grounded, and rooted in community. Yoga and meditation, and especially iRest significantly help me to find a sense of deeply rooted connection within myself, and with others, regardless of my external location. Naturally, I'm beyond excited to share these practices with others so they too, can feel that sense of ever-connectedness within. 

In addition to teaching multiple styles of yoga, I am also an associate professor of Educational Leadership, with a specialization in diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. I very much enjoy working with college students (graduate and undergraduate), and my research most recently focuses on experiences of students of color in doctoral programs. One of my ultimate goals is to merge the tools of yoga and meditation into developed practices for people of color in higher education to address race and ethnicity-based stress and trauma. I am based in Long Beach, California. 

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Race/ethnicity-based Stress and Trauma