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iRest Certified Teacher Montrose, CO I'm Stanlee Smith, and have a program called Pathways To Well-being Through The Way of the Horse (Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning) and the iRest exploration is a key component of my equine program. I offer workshops from Spring through Fall and also do private sessions. I also still teach Conscious Movement Education which is a combination of yoga, pilates, and Somatic neuromuscular Re-education although my heart’s passion is the work with the horses combined with the iRest. My orientation is to offer people tools to empower and heal themselves so I love teaching iRest which has helped me tremendously in my personal life but it’s especially powerful in combination with the horses. As prey animals horses are extremely sensitive to their environment and have the ability to mirror back to us when our inner state is not aligned with our outer expression. I feel that all dis-ease and discontent is a direct result of disconnecting from our true nature as human beings. That is why I am committed to helping expand the amazing benefits of iRest by itself and in collaboration with the natural wisdom of the horse.

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integrating iRest and equine assisted learning and healing