Susan Bates

Susan is a licensed Counseling Psychologist on a Shamanic and Spiritual path. She retired in 2012, after working for the Federal prison system for 20 years. She continues to volunteer on a weekly basis at FMC Devens, bringing iRest Yoga Nidra to the inside men and is finding it exremely rewarding. As part of her clinical training, she has studied Internal Family Systems (IFS) which fits extremely well with the theory of Yoga Nidra and is excited about combining the two in her practice. In addition to Richard Miller, her primary teachers have included Joan Ruvinsky (iRest), Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems), , Cynthia Gale (Ceremonial Artist and Spiritualist), Myron Eshowsky (Shamanic Healer and Peace Activitist), and Mother Nature. She has trained in the spiritual and ritual area with Sobonfu Some’ (African Healer and Teacher) for over 16 years and is an initiated member of the Dagara Tribe. Her healing skills have developed over the last 24 years working with incarcerated men in the area of chemical dependency and trauma. She is passionate about bringing Yoga Nidra, IFS, and the Wisdom of Africa to support the healing of both women and men.

Teacher Specialty
Chemical Dependency
Additional Teacher Specialty
Incarcerated Individuals