Tanya Penny

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iRest Teacher, Occupational Therapist
Boise, ID

Tanya’s own medical issues became the catalyst for her to be iRest trained. Tanya was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2004 and thus began her journey of healing. After trying many western and eastern treatment modalities, she came upon iRest/Yoga Nidra in June of 2008. Tanya experienced such life changing benefits from practicing iRest that she knew she had to share this amazing healing practice with others and became iRest trained in October 2008. She started the iRest Program at Elks Rehabilitation Hospital in Boise, Idaho, and opened Yoga for Healing, PLLC in 2010. Tanya shares the teachings of iRest through teaching group classes/workshops, and individual sessions. Her passion is to empower others in their healing process.

Tanya continues advanced studies in iRest with Richard Miller, PhD. She is also a RYT, and continues advanced training in Viniyoga with Gary Kraftsow (founder of American Viniyoga Institute).

In addition to teaching iRest, Tanya has worked for over 13 years as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of health care settings treating children, adults and seniors with various disabilities, and diagnoses. As an occupational therapist she uses iRest and Viniyoga as treatment modalities with her clients.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Tanya currently lives in Boise, Idaho and enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, and traveling to the ocean any chance she gets.

Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain
Chemical Dependency
Additional Teacher Specialty
Chronic Illness/Disease, Anxiety/Depression