Tara Aleksandra Szewczyk

Rev. PhD, E-200 RYT

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Rev. Aleksandra M Szewczyk RYT PhD Twitter & Instagram @AugustYogini Leval 1 iRest Teacher Aleksandra Szewczyk PhD offers her skillful and occasionally playful teachings. Feminine Brilliance Temple welcomes you into an exploration of art, culture & language of women Through mysticism of Buddhism & Judaism Dr. Szewczyk guides women and men alike into the realization of arts, culture and language of women around the world. ཨོཾ ཨཱཿ་ ཧཱུྃ་ བཛྲ་ གུ་རུ་ པདྨ་ སིདྡྷི་ ཧཱུྃ༔

My Tapestry

I developed Restorative Feminine Lifestyle Mentorship for women who seek to reconnect with the nourishing Shakti in their lives and bodies. Allowing for gentle equilibrium and inner alignment, directing awakening into each area of life, reconnecting with your True Nature, unique gifts and offering you a balanced, simple, joyous way of living connected with Spirit. I run a Feminine Brilliance Temple and support Buddhist studies, philosophy, and religion as well as interfaith dialog. With 18 years of weaving the tapestry of my own feminine dharma, I am honored to guide you and help you discover the treasures inside you. Uncovering the essence of you that longs to be expressed and cherished.

Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain
Additional Teacher Specialty
Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor, E-RYT 200