Terry Wilson

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Terry is Founder, True Nature Wellness, offering contemplative practices, including iRest Yoga Nidra to the general public. She was introduced to iRest Yoga Nidra in 2006 by Kathleen Knipp who encouraged her to attend the inaugural teacher training in Maryland where she met Richard Miller. It was at this time that she discovered the missing piece of her yoga practice. As mentor and supervisor, Kathleen Knipp was instrumental in Terry's development as a certified iRest teacher. She found the iRest practice to be simple yet powerful and delights in sharing the practice with anyone who wants to feel embodied sense of peace and equanimity. Terry also studied with Joan Ruvinsky through retreat experience for many years before Joan's passing. It was Joan's clear teaching style and wisdom that helped her trust her innate wisdom. Terry's peer-reviewed research with college students is featured on the iRest Institute's website. In the end, it's about humans "being" together and sensing the peace that is always present.

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Healing Touch, End of Life Doula services