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IRI Certified iRest Teacher

Tina is a Hatha Yoga teacher and Certified iRest teacher who has been exploring Indian philosophy and spirituality since her teens in the late 1960s, and hatha yoga and yoga meditation since 1971. She has been teaching yoga since 2009. When she first came upon iRest in 2011 she immediately felt a coming home. iRest brought together many strands and was so holistic and healing that she has since concentrated her meditation studies in iRest and Non-dual Shaiva Tantra. Tina has been teaching and sharing iRest in her community since 2013. iRest is integrated into all of Tina's teaching and she continues to deepen her own iRest practice to allow it to heal and bring joy to others as well as herself. She also explores the source teachings of Non-dual Shaiva Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism), delighting in the clear lines of tradition that have been given a modern manifestation in iRest.

Tina was owner and Director of Yoga Spirit Studios in Torrensville, South Australia from 2010 to 2020. She regards herself as a facilitator of learning to help students discover their own path in Yoga, to suit their own unique body, mind and spirit. She explores yoga as a somatic practice and promotes the therapeutic effects on the whole person.

Tina has also taught meditation for a number of years, seeking to make it inclusive and accessible to people from different backgrounds.

Studies in Hanna Somatics and training as a Somatics Exercise Coach has expanded the ways in which Tina works therapeutically with individuals and in classes to deepen self exploration and healing of deeply held traumas. She finds that somatic exploration of deeply held tensions is in perfect alignment with iRest practices and the two practices together provide pathways to deep release, physically and emotionally.

Tina continues her studies in the root origins of iRest, non-dual Shaiva Tantra, currently studying through the Tantra Illuminated platform, and explores iRest deeply in this context.


Tina now works with individuals and small groups in regular online zoom classes, occasional workshops and retreats. Her Calendar and booking details are at www.tinashettigara.com


  • Senior teacher (Level 3) Yoga Australia
  • Meditation Australia.


  • Certificate of Hatha Yoga Teaching, Yoga Spirit Studios 2009
  • Advanced Yoga Studies Certificate, Donna Farhi 2012
  • Yoga for Children Foundation Teacher Training, Zenergy Kids 2012
  • Yoga Therapy for Kids Training, Zenergy Kids 2013
  • Certified iRest Teacher, Integrative Restoration Institute 2016 (Level 1 2013, Level 2 2014)
  • Somatic Exercise Coach Level 2, Essential Somatics 2016 (Level 1 2013)
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Senior Yoga teacher, Level 2 Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach, Non-dual Shaiva Tantra