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Hello There! I have been studying and practicing yoga since 1978. During that time I owned an operated a small vegetarian restaurnt in Lanaster, PA. Over the years my interest in yoga, food, art and plants has continued and expanded. In 2008 I decided to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training and it was there that I was introduced to the practice of Yoga Nidra. I had practiced many forms of meditation over the years but this method really held my attention. It was clear that learning more about Yoga Nidra was my yoga path. Asana practice is still important to me but what I am most excited about now is meditation and particularly the delivery of Yoga Nidra. Advanced training came by attending a Teacher Training in iRest Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller. I use this protocol but sometimes mix it up a bit, taking teachings and ideas from both ancient and modern masters. I think it is the artist and writer in me needing to express itself! I love to craft scripts. In additon to being a yogini I am an avid plantswoman and garden maker. I grow native plants at Octoraro Farm, a wholesale native plant nursery in Nottingham, PA, collaborate on one or two garden projects a year and am always in the process of “creating something”. You can visit my website (a new one is under construction) to see some of my artwork. I sing with the MFE Lancaster Community Chorus which I love! And I am the mother of a beautiful Bassett Hound, Ms. Sophia. Last but not least, I am both a breast cancer survivor and a survivor of early childhood abuse. Yoga Nidra was the tool I found to be most effective in assisting me through the physical, mental and emotional difficulties that accompanied my diagnosis and treatment of cancer and to eliminate beliefs about myself and the world that were a result of my early life. I have a heart-felt desire to share this tool with others living with cancer and those affected by early childhood trauma. Within the next year I will be combing Yoga Nidra with the use of collage as a healing tool.

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Chronic Pain
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Cancer. Early Childhood Abuse