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I am an iRest® Certified Teacher, use the tools of iRest meditative self-inquiry to support personal growth, healing, and advancement as defined by each client. In addition to iRest, I've earned certifications in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Heartmath (biofeedback), and Professional Diversity Coaching. iRest is a natural complement to my clinical and coaching work.  In my experience, iRest, as a psychoeducational process and a meditative practice, can provide a direct path to healing from traumatic stressors or a catalyst to new insight. The magic of iRest, is that each person attunes to their own sensations and internal experiences to discover what feels aligned in a "just right" way for them.  The nondual and nondirective nature of the iRest yoga nidra experience puts you in the front row seat of your own experience. And even more, it also puts you in your own experience so that you truly connect with your wisdom life force from the inside-out. If you have any doubts about your sense of self, either because of past trauma or future challenges, then experiencing iRest will surely bring clarity or a sense of hope. Learning self for most of us is a lifelong process, and the iRest yoga nidra practice supports you to tune in and meet each moment of life in a way that supports a felt sense of ease without second guessing or self-doubt. I am accepting referrals for clinical therapy from clients residing in Michigan who seek a non-dual perspective and who want to consider adding iRest yoga nidra as part of their healing or self-care toolkit. I am also interested in working with clients who wish to explore iRest yoga nidra as a practice of personal growth and development.  At this time, all my services (individual and group) are online.

Teacher Specialty
At Risk Youth
Chronic Pain
Additional Teacher Specialty
Developmental Trauma (Abuse & Neglect), Secondary Trauma (Helping Professionals), Coaching for Inclusion and Diversity