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Zara integrates her knowledge of modern psychotherapy and mental health with the expansive ancient wisdom of yoga. From this platform Zara offers private counselling and mentorship services in Bowral, Sydney and nationally. Her diversely extensive skills and experience as a facilitator have been applied in a range of capacities within public and private hospitals, community-based agencies and specialist counselling services. Zara also provides coaching and educational services for small and medium businesses.

Zara co-founded and taught for the Yoga Presence Teacher Training School. Zara combines her deep understanding of yoga with a long professional history within the public and private mental health arena as a psychotherapist, counsellor and registered nurse. She offers years of practical clinical experience, insight and sensitivity to her life, her yoga teaching and work as a health professional.

Inspired by human relationships, movement and each individuals potential. Zara loves to share the exploration of the hidden assumptions, which inform our choices and actions. Those that enrich and those that hinder present experience. Zara carries a foundational belief that through self-enquiry into our unconscious wisdom, behaviours and movement patterns we may expand mindfulness, insight and the quality within each second of life.

We choose our experience every moment!

Sometimes we need someone to listen, sometimes we need to feel supported and empowered. And sometimes we need a little more help to find resolution.

Zara believes in the intrinsic value and enormous potential of every individual, despite their immediate achievements. This philosophy underpins her work. She aims to support individual resilience and impart skills to create the changes you seek in life.

Her holistic approach incorporates a range of models, which include:

• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
• Psychotherapy for groups or individuals
• Relaxation Therapy
• Mindfulness and Body awareness practices
• Yoga therapy and Movement
• IRest Yoga Nidra practices
• Family Systems model
• Solution Focused Therapy
• Sand Play

If you require help in dealing with life changes, anxiety, grief, phobias or depression Zara is only a call away. To make an appointment for individual, couple, group sessions, telephone or skype counselling go to the contact details below.

Cultivation of hope
Support each individual’s resilience
Encourage a sense of universality
Encourage gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance of responsibility
Encourage altruism and cohesiveness
Develop clear communication skills
Develop bodily awareness
Increase sense of wellbeing
Information sharing

Qualifications and training

• Level 1 IRest teacher 2013
• Masters of Mental Health Nursing (University of Newcastle 2012 – current)
• Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy 2013 (AIYT & AAYT recognized)
• Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Jansen Newman Institute)
• Certificate in Human Sexuality: Myths & Realities (Jansen Newman Institute, 2009)
• Certificate in Sandplay Therapy (Jansen Newman Institute, 2009)
• Advanced Yoga Studies Certificate (Donna Farhi, 2007 & 2010)
• Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training (Judith Lasater, 2008)
• Level Two Yoga Teacher (Yoga Teachers Association of Australia)
• Siddha Hatha Yoga (2000 - 2006)
• Naturopathy and Osteopathy (Australasian College of Natural Therapies 1976-1978)
• Registered Nurse (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, 1976)


• One to one personal counselling
• Couple counselling
• Group counselling
• Telephone counselling
• Skype counselling

Psychotherapist. Counsellor. Registered Mental Health Nurse. Mentorship. Group Psychotherapy facilitation. Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Yoga Teacher Trainee mentorships. Yoga classes public and private.

Key areas of practice
• Personal growth and healthy life style
• Interpersonal communication concerns
• Group Psychotherapy
• Gender and sexuality questioning
• Partner, family and parental challenges
• Anxiety and stress management
• Depression
• Grief and loss.
• Anger management
• Loneliness
• Mid-life transitions
• Direction review
• Pain
• Addiction and recovery

Zara's Yoga Classes
Zara is a Yoga Australia recognised level two teacher and senior teacher with Donna Farhi. Zara offers regular private and public classes for beginners and intermediate yoga students in Bowral and the Southern Highlands.

Zara began yoga in 1990 and takes an eclectic approach to her yoga blending the influences of many teachers and traditions, which include Tai Chi, Ashtanga, Siddha and Anusara Yoga.

Zara combines her understanding of yoga with a long professional history within the mental health arena as a psychotherapist, counsellor and registered nurse.

Her classes incorporate the development of concentration skills, mindfulness, breath awareness, philosophy, meditation, relaxation and yoga postures. These classes are both active and restorative.
Yoga calms the mind and opens the heart. It is suitable for all individuals, despite their age and physical emotional condition - not just the fit, young and flexible.
Since Zara’s arrival to Bowral she has also filled a niche offering yoga to children from the ages of 5 - 17, both privately and at local schools and colleges. The children love this opportunity to calm and connect to their inner resources.
Zara also provides a mentorship service for Yoga Teacher Trainees, embarking on their journey of teaching yoga.

Yoga for over 50’s

The ageing process changes our lives, bodies and energy levels. Some of these changes are welcome while others are more difficult to accept. These natural physical changes, combined with unhealthy lifestyle choices, may lead to disease of body, mind and spirit.

Many people begin to experience circulatory disorders, arthritis, pain, digestive complaints, depression, reduced balance, muscle mass and bone density as they age. All affect the quality of daily life and can lead to more serious harm such as falls.

These events may be prevented or slowed to a large extent, through healthy activities and lifestyle. Keep your mind, body and spirit supple, strong and light with Yoga! A cheerful self-loving heart creates a calm disposition in life, despite inevitable turbulence.

It is never too late to begin the gentle movements of yoga.

Zara’s over 50’s yoga classes are specifically designed to accommodate those who experience limitations in movement and energy levels. Students receive personalized guidance on yoga practices, which are adapted for each person’s current physical and emotional states. Asana performed while seated on a chair or utilized for support, allows students to enjoy the strengthening benefits of yoga, without the difficulty of getting up and down from the floor. Mindfulness practices, often anchored with the breath form an essential part of classes and contribute to deep relaxation.

Meditation, known to assist in preventing memory loss and mental deterioration, is incorporated into all classes.

The classes are an opportunity to meet new people, make friends and discuss real life issues.


Menopausal symptoms


Energy levels
Muscle mass
Bone density


Phone | 0409 233 778 between 9-5pm Monday to Friday

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Stationmasters Residence. Room 1. 25 Station St, Bowral, NSW., AUSTRALIA 2576

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