Andrea Fortuin


iRest Teacher
Andrea Fortuin is an international yoga instructor, meditation coach, and certified Integrated Restoration (iRest®) facilitator.
She studied complementary and alternative therapies at Maria College - Albany, New York - and has gained extensive knowledge of how the effects of these therapies can help people who have experienced various forms of trauma.
Andrea has served as a wellness consultant for several large agencies including;

MVP Health Care
New Choices Addiction Recovery
Albany Medical Center Child Cancer Palliative Care Team
and as a member of the University at Albany Hearts Initiative.

In 2006 she interned at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in a research program offering yoga and meditation to active duty military members diagnosed with non-responsive PTSD. Upon her return to upstate NY, she formed Soldiers Hope, Inc., an organization to educate and empower veterans through the use of alternative and complementary therapies.
She served as Executive Director of Orenda Yoga & Healing Arts - New York - for over 13 years. Her recent efforts are focused on advocating the importance of building resilience through self-care practices and empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to do so.
In 2017, Andrea moved to Belize, Central America where she teaches yoga and facilitates yoga & empowerment retreats.

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Meditation and Restorative