Barrie Altman-Timmins - Level 1 Irest Yoga Nidra, 200-RYT, RPYT

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My yoga practice is truly a practice, not a “perfect”...just like every day is a new day, every time you show up on your mat you find yourself with a new opportunity to learn and grow. I have been a student of yoga since 1994 and did my certification in 2001. I have a very strong background in many styles of yoga- Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hatha, Prenatal, Yoga Sculpt, as well as Gentle and Restorative. Ihave worked with adaptive yoga for individuals with scoliosis, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, amputees, and patients with neurological disorders, as well as patients battling the effects of stroke and cancer. I have been diving deeper into pranayama and meditation practices and enjoy incorporating them plus iRest into my teachings.
My philosophy is that yoga is for everyone and want to make a space where everyone is comfortable and safe in exploring how the practice can benefit and enrich their lives. Yoga is not just for the flexible, it helps with a greater understanding of how the body moves and the benefits of intentional and meditative breathing. Barrie is a certified Orthotist and was a licensed massaged therapist in Ohio, both occupations have given me a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology. One of my joys is to open my heart and my practice to my students and watch their breath and body awareness grow. Join me and learn more about your authentic self, find moments of peace in this stressful world, and enjoy a lot of laughter.

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Chronic Pain
Chemical Dependency

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