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My life mission is to support people in stress managementand inspire them to create a happy life!

Besides my own life experiences and studying I have a background in working as a manager in corporate and cultural organizations (musea, theatre, orchestra). Through yoga, meditation and NLP I have finally learned how to manage and reduce stress and recover from trauma (ptsd) so that I am able to really enjoy my life! I love cooking, writing recipes, arts, playing the piano and organizing cultural events. I have been traveling a lot around the world and have visited the most beautiful locations what made it a logical step towards organizing retreats around the world. My healing practice is based in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Irest Institute- 2019-present
Irest yogateacher - level 1 & 2 / Certification in process

Certified Complementair Therapist (CAT-therapist nummer: CM1906-04-02-19)
In 2018 I graduated with a diploma at Total Health basic medical knowledge (CPION accredited)

Energy cellular healing at the TECHS course based in Scotland*
In 2019 I graduated with the Advanced Bodies of Light Healing Diploma.
In 2018 I graduated with the Bodies of Light Healing Diploma
* As the teacher of this independent healing school had been one of the assistent teachers at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing the course had influences of the Barbara Brennan methods..

Healthy Food/Natural medicine
In 2014-2016 I lived in the Caribbean and traveled intensively with partner and kids through the South of America where I also did several studies and expeditions in medicinal plants with Shamans in the Amazon (Brasil, Surinam, Colombia and Peru).
In 2010-2013 I followed cooking classes at the 3 Michelinstar restaurant the Librije in Zwolle
In 2006 I graduated with a Gastronom/Sommelier diploma at the Academy of Gastronomics in Apeldoorn
Since 1999 I professionaly cook Private Dinners that developed during the years more in a healthy and delicious style (read: focus on plant based, biological and also glutenfree, lactosefree if requested)

University of Amsterdam
In 1996 I graduated with the highest honor the study Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam
In 1996 I graduated also with the highest honor the study Politicology at the University of Amsterdam.
In 1992 I graduated my propeadeutics in Sociology

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Energy cellular healing