Denyse LeFever - iRest Level 2, C-IAYT

Public Profile

Denyse first discovered Yoga as a teen to alleviate stress and anxiety associated with taking standardized tests. She found both the gentle Hatha based practice and meditation to be helpful in easing her into adulthood. As she embarked on her over 30-year career in global aerospace and defense businesses, she periodically returned to Yoga to maintain a sense of balance.

Approaching her senior years, and after a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, Denyse decided to take her casual interest in Yoga to a more professional in-depth study with a focus on yoga’s wellness benefits. Since 2011, she has received several certifications in her areas of interest. Denyse is a certified Yoga Therapist and holds a certificate for 1000 Hours of Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. In addition, she has received the following specialized certifications.

Integrated Yoga Therapy Teacher Certification from Joan and Jim Ryan (2011) (200 hours)

Relax and Renew, Restorative Teacher Certification from Judith Hanson Lasater (2011) (80 hours)

Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors, Duke University Integrative Medicine – Primary instructors Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carsen (with adjunct professors from Duke Medical School) Initial Course (2012) with continuing studies (2013 and 2014) (For all programs ~ 100 hours)

Yoga of the Heart Certification for Cardiac and Cancer from Nischala Joy Devi (2013) (100 Hours)

Chair and Gentle Yoga with Sherry Zak Morris and Justine Shelton (in person workshop October 2017, on-line coursework complete but certificate not applied for)

Brain Longevity Training through the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation in October 2018.

From 2011 – 2018 Denyse taught at local yoga studios and retreat centers. Classes that Denyse has taught include – Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Healthy Aging and Chillaxation, a restorative yoga practice to reduce stress. She has also created stress reduction and lavender themed workshops as well as several “series” classes based on students’ or organizational interest.

In 2017, she received a contract with The Fairfax, A Sunrise Retirement Community where she enjoys teaching Gentle, Chair Yoga and Chair Yoga Dance to residents. In addition, since 2019, she teaches at Inova’s Life With Cancer where she shares restorative yoga with cancer survivors.

In 2018, began working part-time with the Virginia Diabetes Council and received her training from the University of Virginia’s Center for Diabetes Prevention and Education to become a certified Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach.

She has Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certification from American Red Cross Valid till January 2021.

Denyse holds an MBA in International Business and Marketing from Temple University and a BA in Literature and Language from Stockton State College.

Teacher Specialty

Chronic Pain

Additional Teacher Specialty

Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Restorative, Chair, Gentle