Eric J Snyder - 200-RYT, iRest LV 1, WAE LV 1, VYP MRT

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Medically retired Army Special Operations Medic. Served for 7 years. Currently studying Economics and World Religions at University of Chicago in Hyde Park. I grew up interested in religion and psychology and devoted a lot of time to studying Taoism and Lucid Dreaming. This lead me into the field of yoga, which I began doing on and off for much of my life.

This past year, after separating from the Army, I went to Rishikesh, India and was certified at the Yog Peeth Ashram. I then received my WAE, iRest, and VYP training over the summer. Everything I do yoga based is non-profit, so I don't collect any money from it. I do it because I enjoy it, and it helps me a lot with my injuries, so I wanted to take away any barriers people might have by providing it for free.

Please follow me at ej_outdoor on Instagram or go to my Soundcloud to listen to meditations, and my podcast "Eric Saves the World." Will be releasing YouTube yoga workouts as well on my YouTube channel at

Teacher Specialty

Active Duty Military
Chronic Pain