Ellen Visser - Level 1 Teacher

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Several years after graduating as a psychologist at Leiden University, I started my training to become a physiotherapist. In 2004, I completed my physiotherapy studies at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden. Subsequently I worked at several primary practices. As of 2007, I have been working as an independent physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is continuously developing . I keep up to date by attending courses and refresher courses. I, for instance, attended the courses Mulligan Concept and Feldenkrais Method. The course Mindfulness training for patients with stress and/or chronic pain complemented my training (as a physiotherapist and psychologist) and my interests (yoga and meditation) very well. Through my own yoga practice in combination with my background in physiotherapy, I started to take an interest in a form of yoga which can be used therapeutically and which connects yoga with medical knowledge, meditation and psychology. I found all these in Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy. I attended a yoga intensive with Donna Fahri which introduced me to yoga nidra. This inspired me so much, that I decided to attend the iRest (integrative restoration) yoga nidra training with James Reeves.

I am a member of the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF), I am registered in the BIG-register and the Central Quality Register Physiotherapy (KRF NL). Only physiotherapist who meet the quality standards formulated by the KNGF are included in the KRF NL.

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Physiotherapist, Psychologist