Nöle Giulini


Certified iRest Teacher

Nöle, C-IAYT, is a Senior Certified i-Rest Teacher and Trainer as well as a Certification Supervisor.
She divides her time teaching 3 months in Europe and still lives in the USA. But that may change soon!

Here's the info and link to Nöle's upcoming immersions and retreats in the United States, 2020:

06/04--06/07 Madrona Mind Body Institute: iRest Immersion* in Port Townsend, WA., June 4th - June 7th, 2020
-- soon to be posted on Madrona's website--
Early bird special $295 until March 15th, Regular: $350
Please contact IRI to register
*This immersion qualifies as short retreat requirement for certification;

Nöle’s events in Europe for 2020

iRest® Immersion with Nöle Giulini
Studio Veda, Leibzig, Germany
Diese iRest Immersion wird für die Zertifizierung angerechnet.
Donnerstag, 17.9. 2020 – Sonntag, 20.09. 2020
Inga de Martin
(in German language/ in deutscher Sprache))

iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Level 1 Ausbildung/ Teacher Training
Seminarzentrum Pegasus, 21732 Krummendeich, Aussendeich 2
Saturday, 03.10. 2020 -Donnerstag, 08.10.2020
Anmeldung über Inga de Martin, mobil 0178- 7348547, inga@kinder-yoga.com
(in German language/ in deutscher Sprache)

The Practice of Welcoming- iRest® Yoga Nidra:
Co-Meditation als Co-Regulation
Mittwoch, 21.10. 2020 - Sonntag, 25.10. 2020
Benediktushof, Klosterstrasse 10, 97292 Holzkirchen
(in German language/ in deutscher Sprache)

iRest® Intensive: " Vom ODER zum UND"/ "From OR to AND"
Das Paradox der Gegensätze Willkommen heissen
Donnerstag, 05.11. 2020- Sonntag, 08.11. 2020
Polarity Bildungszentrum, Zwinglistrasse 21, 8004 Zürich, Schweiz/ Switzerland
(in German language/ in deutscher Sprache)

The Practice of Welcoming: Einführung in die iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation
Mittwoch, 11.11. 2020- 15.11. 2020
ZIST 1, 82377 Penzberg, Germany
(in German language/ in deutscher Sprache)

The Practice of Welcoming: Introduction into iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation
20.11. 2020- 22.11. 2020
Oslo Yoga, Kristiansands gate 2, 0463 Oslo, Norway
(In English language)


Nöle Giulini, C-IAYT, born in Heidelberg, Germany, has practiced and studied Yoga since the 1980s. She's certified to teach yoga by Kripalu and by Erich Schiffmann. She has studied with Richard Miller since 2003.

Her background in Art Therapy and her lifelong work as artist (www.ngiulini.com) infuse depth, caring exploration and refreshing inventiveness into each session. Together with her life partner, Gary Lemons, she owns and runs Tenderpaws Yoga Studio in Port Townsend, WA.

Beginning in 2010 she began offering iRest workshops and individual sessions in the Practice of Welcoming from September through November in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland.

In 2011 Nöle translated and narrated Richard Miller's "iRest at Ease" from English into German. This recording as well as Nöle's German language guided iRest recordings are available as a download on the IRI website.

Although the process of unfolding was often extremely painful, I knew then iRest/Yoga Nidra and the Practice of Welcoming were my life's calling. Now, many years later, I see clearly how my practice of art and my practice of yoga are not separate. I always felt it was and is my work in this world to hold dear what lives in the dark and to give voice, expression and tender care to the injured, denied, rejected and broken aspects of life. Working as attentively and lovingly as possible with these aspects - whether in matter as a sculptor or with human beings as a yoga and meditation teacher is my deepest heart's longing.

"Inspired by her life long practice as a yogi Nöle developed a unique style that animates complex ancient teachings in a playful, practical, and deeply life-changing way."

Teacher Specialty

Chronic Pain
Chemical Dependency

Additional Teacher Specialty

Specializes in working with depression, addiction, illness, fear/anxiety, and post-traumatic distress.