Pascalle Hanegraaf

Public Profile

- Facilitator of Integrative Restoration -

Based in the Netherlands I serve private and business clients on a personal level.
I love to inspire, advice and support people to build personal resiliency, rise above and bounce back from stressful situations to lead a more healthy and happy life.

For over two decades I have delved into and specialized in ways to help the body recharge and rejuvenate.
As a facilitator of quality rest my area of expertise is inserting the effect that relaxation can have
on our nervous system and how we can use this to enhance our overall health and well being.

In order to establish a firm knowledge base concerning the functioning and effects of to much stress,
I have had the privilege of studying with renowned teachers worldwide.
One of the most profound and life changing teachings I found in a week long participation at a silent retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh.
Earlier in my carrier I have worked for serveral multi nationals.
I studied Middle Management in Amsterdam (1991), Yoga and Philosopy (2001) in Bilthoven and Integrative Restoration in Oxford (2017).

This is also me:
I am absolutely fond of the sound of the singing blackbird,
I feel nurtured by the embrace of submerging in natural water,
I love a little sip and bite with good company.
I have learned to embrace simplicity and allowing time for life to evolve.
I recharge with nature walks, dancing and deep rest for a fuller enjoyment of life.

Teacher Specialty

Active Duty Military
High School

Additional Teacher Specialty

Dutch and English