Peggy Brenner, PhD, RYT500

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Peggy Brenner, PhD, RYT500
iRest Teacher
Little Rock, AR

Peggy teaches yoga nidra meditation, breath work, and yoga asana to groups and individuals, in public and private settings.

About 20 years ago, Peggy stepped into her first yoga class, completely oblivious to the ways in which it would shape her life. As yoga unfolded for Peggy, her practice broadened from the mat to the eight limbs of the Yoga Sutras. Eventually, she answered the call to become a teacher, and her practice and training continued to broaden to Ayurveda and yoga nidra. She is as passionate about these Eastern disciplines as she is about Western science and biomedical research. This combination flows through her teaching in an authentic and unique way.

As a teacher, Peggy uses stillness, rhythm, breath, integration, and presence to build foundations for developing sensitivity to the present moment, with the ultimate goal of calming the mind so that it's possible to act from conscious purpose, rather than habitual reaction. She is honored to be able to share these important tools for thriving in the modern world.

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Workplace, Anxiety, Chronic Stress