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Certified iRest Teacher, Supervisor, Executive Director of IRI and member of the Board of Directors at IRI. Living in Kimberley, BC, Canada I am a husband, father, grandfather, retired lawyer now working as a yoga and meditation teacher and Executive Director of IRI. My interest is primarily in the day-to-day, practical applications of iRest and the non-dual understanding to ease the suffering that life brings. Life is hard and iRest helps. As a Supervisor for IRI, I enjoy working with certification students as they navigate the journey to becoming a Certified iRest Teacher. The discussions and discoveries that come forth through the certification process are always exciting and refreshing. My field of experience in offering iRest Yoga Nidra lies primarily in multi-session trainings, introductory weekends, one on one dyad work and retreats. I have studied with Richard for over 20 years, attended at least 25 retreats and trainings with Richard as a student, a presenter, or as support staff.

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At Risk Youth

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Yoga and Meditation


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