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Wendy is a qualified Life and Executive Stress Coach, as well as a Level 1 iRest Meditation Teacher.

She has a background in mental health and also business, including 15 years in City of London finance, as well as a wide range of specialist mental health institutions and community settings as an Occupational Therapist and Yoga & Meditation Teacher (20 years). Wendy now teaches iRest to individuals and groups and interweaves iRest practices into her coaching.

With her lifelong interest in altered states of consciousness and different belief systems, iRest is the perfect match. Wendy happily works with people wherever they are at – from street homeless individuals to top execs and Harley Street specialists. She uses iRest in her coaching to help remove blocks, find insights into business and personal problems, and identify the right action to take – by helping clients to tune into and develop their own internal guidance system, as well as finding their mission or purpose in life.

Wendy is known for her work on stress, and for helping people to gain insights into their behaviour and realise their dreams. At the heart of her practice is the ability to hold space – to enable deep self-enquiry while providing a truly compassionate presence. There isn’t much that she hasn’t seen. Above all, she enables clients to achieve a deep feeling of relaxation and ease, from where they can operate more clearly, truthfully and successfully.

The pace of life is fast and has become even more unpredictable since Covid – we need to be working on a completely different level and irest can help. We are often so caught up in being busy, that we don’t take time to STOP and really look at ourselves – to work out what we really want (and why), and to find out how we can truly enjoy the present.

If you want to create a sense of spare capacity, be authentically you (and maybe even take a little internal holiday) – then please get in touch for your free initial consultation.

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Mental Health & Stress, Life and Executive Coaching