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I am a Certified iRest Teacher offering yoga nidra sessions in the Oxford, UK area. I'll be starting a drop-in class in January 2019, 2nd Wednesday of each month, 6:30-7:30pm, at the Maple Tree Centre, Wheatley, OX33 1PH.

If you are a yoga instructor and would like to offer your students a taste of yoga nidra, I can lead them in a short (15-20 minute) or full-length (35-40 minute) session.

I also provide retreats and one-on-one sessions, as tools for deep relaxation and self-care. This is an ideal way to access the health, vitality and confidence that already lives within you.

I'm delighted to also work with other teachers to bring iRest to people in prison and all those involved in the criminal justice system through Thrive Inside (https://www.thriveinside.org/).

I began practicing hatha yoga more than 20 years ago, with many different teachers from various traditions, including Iyengar yoga and the teachings of New Zealand-based Donna Farhi. In 2005, an Ayurvedic physician prescribed classical yoga nidra for my anxiety and sleep problems, but the practice only took root in my life several years later, when I met iRest Teacher James Reeves and he introduced me to the iRest protocol.

Ever since, I’ve had a committed, daily yoga nidra practice, and regularly attend iRest classes and retreats in the UK and the US.

When I'm not practicing iRest, I work as an academic researcher, writer and editor. I also walk the beautiful footpaths of Oxfordshire with my husband and dog, make bread, and tend ducks, chickens and a goose named Blanche. I continue to feel amazed at the joy and delight iRest practice brings to my life every day.

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people in prison and prison staff