Welcome Certified iRest Teachers!


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A warm welcome to our newly Certified iRest Teachers

We value and continue to build our community (sangha) of newly certified teachers. Certification provides an opportunity for teachers to deepen and enrich their teachings as they continue to share iRest in the world. We are proud of their accomplishment. We'd like to recognize them by highlighting their personal stories below:

Laurie Angress,  Manhattan Beach, California 

As a Yoga Therapist, I believe that iRest is a key component in the healing/wellness toolbox.  I remember writing a paper early in my yoga therapy studies at LMU on the importance of teaching mindfulness techniques to students in addition to other yogis techniques. With my iRest certification I am even more certain of the value and importance of this self inquiry modality! 
After taking an MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) training for myself a few years ago, I studied and became certified to teach MBSR to teens. I worked at a private high school for 5 years incorporating yoga, mindfulness, and iRest. I continue to offer meditation and full iRest practices at a community college and include the practice with my private yoga therapy clients. My private clients are primarily adults over 50 with a few young adults/teens periodically. I plan to continue to offer MBSR-teen 8-week programs and am offering periodic iRest group sessions in my neighborhood and in collaboration with a women's wellness center. 
I am a parent of two college students and have been married for 22 years. I love to play beach volleyball, take long walks on the beach, and travel.
The most significant experience or change I have become aware of as a result of the certification process is that EVERYTHING is iRest yoga nidra. I view all of life's interactions, my self experience, and how I interact with others through the lens of the koshas and with a sense of welcoming and curiosity. Working with my supervisor was a gift and I am grateful to Kathleen Knipp for her patience and attentiveness. Thank you to Richard Miller and all the IRI support staff for spreading the love! 
Rachel Hanrahan - Victoria, Australia 
I am so thrilled to be certified as an iRest teacher. There were times I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but with support from my mentor, Ross Guest, and the beautiful teachings here I am on the other side.

My journey with iRest began in 2002, when I began my first yoga teaching certification with Leigh Blashki in Australia. Trying to immerse myself in all things yogic teaching during the early days of the internet, I “surfed” and found an ok quality 10 minute yoga nidra by Richard Miller on feelings. I loved yoga nidra and I listened so much to that track, that the CD I burned it on eventually stopped working. Unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t simply relaxing, I was experiencing such profound healing of my PTSD that I no longer experienced any symptoms. I made peace on all levels of my being and didn't need to talk talk talk about the trauma to another person to heal. It was like, in an intellectual sense, I understood I am no longer under threat, but the body was keeping the score. After this immersion in iRest, I experienced healing in an embodied sense not just an intellectual understanding.

Based in Melbourne, Australia I have been teaching iRest to PTSD students as part of a trauma recovery yoga program. I feel so very blessed to be able to share these beautiful teachings. And I am both thrilled and proud that I can now add the little green iRest logo after my name.
Bryan Howard- San Antonio, Texas 
Lawrie Smith, Edmonton, AB, Canada - Teacher Profile

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Rick Wilkinson - London, Ontario, Canada