Living from the ground of Being

Living from the ground of Being is its own heartfelt offering by Stephanie Lopez

Recently I had the great privilege of visiting Bali, Indonesia to teach a silent retreat. Of the many remarkable aspects of Balinese culture what stood out most to me are the daily offering rituals. Flowers line the streets as offerings and greet you in storefronts, temples, and homes.

Giving this presence, gratitude, and respect to Hindu Gods - and to each other - is a hallmark of Balinese life. I love this focus and wonder how might we offer our Self as an approach to life?

Let’s consider offering as an act of devotion or dedication. Might this offering be a devotion to you? Imagine this taking form as authentic presence to the self. Consider dedicating attention to your inner needs and desires. What may naturally unfold through this practice is the ground of Being. Rediscover your essential nature that is spacious, timeless, and utterly perfect and whole.

As you make offerings to yourself an understanding of our interconnected essential nature begins to emerge. Living from the ground of Being is its own heartfelt offering. From this wholeness you open to intimacy with everything.

You become curious and responsive to life’s ups and downs. The spaciousness of Being widens your lens to take in more and more nuance in the immediacy of now. You open your attention more fully to others. You express kindness and compassion more freely. Even difficult situations become an offering. These challenges are a catalyst for your most authentic response. It’s in the devotion to ourselves that Being awakens – and we offer the Self as devotion to life.

May the practice of iRest transform you to an offering of love, understanding, and wisdom.

With peace & joy,

Stephanie Lopez