iRest Trainings & Events

The iRest Institute offers a variety of events and trainings for all levels of meditators, from beginners looking to learn basic techniques to people looking to explore the ancient teachings of Yoga and nondualism.

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Teacher Trainings

Bring the healing benefits of iRest to your students or patients through our teacher trainings

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Workshops and Immersions

For beginners or more advanced meditators, deepen your learning or simply enjoy iRest with others.

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iRest Retreats are available for all levels at beautiful locations across the world.

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Online Courses and Webinars

Experience and learn iRest from the convenience of your own home at your own time.

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Which Event is For Me?

If you're new to iRest Yoga Nidra, the best way to learn about these practices is to experience them first-hand at an iRest Immersion or Retreat, and then a Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Training. Also, all events described below are part of the Teacher Certification Program.

An Immersion is a "mini-retreat" geared towards beginners who would like a short 2-3 day, non-residential event to introduce them to iRest in a highly experiential event. At Immersions you'll be guided first-hand by seasoned staff who will help you understand the basics and develop a personal practice.

If you'd like to go deeper our Retreats are much longer, about 5-7 days in a residential setting. You'll get more of the practices but in a much more contained setting which tends to open participants to deeper experiences and personal integration of the principles.

And if interested you might consider our Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Trainings. These events are geared towards those who would like to teach as well as practitioners interested in learning iRest in the most comprehensive manner possible. Consisting of lectures as well as practices, you'll receive detailed manuals on the history, theory, and protocol of iRest. If you'd like more information about Trainings, please see our pages for Level 1 TrainingLevel 2 Training and Teacher Certification Program.

Since we know cost is sometimes an issue, Scholarships are available in some cases. Please see our Scholarship page for more information and to apply.