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The Teachers Community Network (TCN) supports iRest Teachers in their personal and professional development. Joining allows you to be a member of a global community of Teachers, Supervisors and Trainers, and to receive advanced notice of iRest news and events!


  • Webinar Teleconferences with Richard Miller and Senior Teachers. Learn about the latest news and developments related to iRest and ask questions relevant to you. Certified Teachers and those enrolled in the Certification Program will have a separate teleconference from that of Level 1 & II Teachers. $125 value.
  • PDF downloads of the most recent Training Manuals commensurate with your completed level of training. Stay up to date with your own digital copy of the iRest manual. $65 value.
  • Audio downloads of current iRest Teacher Trainings commensurate with your completed level of training. 'Virtually' attend recent trainings allowing you to continue to hone your personal practice and teaching skills. $200 value.
  • Select Retreat audio downloads help you stay in the flow and give you access to the most recent retreat practices. $200 value.
  • Personal practice audio downloads. These expanded offerings include body sensing, pranayama, chanting and other meditation practices from iRest Yoga Nidra retreats and workshops. $150 value.
  • A 20% Product discount on downloads from the IRI online store in addition to larger bulk discounts on physical audio CDs available directly from the IRI office. Download discount available only to TCN members.
  • The dedicated TCN Facebook page allows you to keep up with the latest conversations about iRest teaching themes, news, topics and events. Moderated by Senior Teachers and IRI Staff, this forum encourages real time discussion of the issues related to practicing and delivering iRest. Available only to TCN members.
  • Tools for Teaching include: articles, research, stories and case studies that share the challenges and successes of initiating, developing, and implementing iRest programs to populations in various settings. These periodic articles will be posted on the TCN webpage and on the Facebook group, inviting your questions, comments and feedback. Available only to TCN members.

This program is valued at over $500, but IRI is offering a yearly membership for only $129 for all iRest teachers, regardless of your level of training.

Join the TCN now to ensure that you are always informed, in tune, and connected with your IRI teacher community. 

We welcome you with warmth into our global community of iRest teachers!


Richard C. Miller

Troubleshooting: If you are unable to complete the sign up process or to access the TCN, please send an email to info@irest.org with 'TCN Sign Up' in the subject line or call 415-456-3909.