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*These Teachers Resources are available to those who have completed the iRest Level 1 Training. If you have recently completed a training, please allow up to 10 days after completing a Level 1 Training for your access to be enabled.

The free iRest Teacher Resources are intended to support you on your continued journey as an iRest Teacher. They include a variety of useful promotional and marketing materials, an iRest Student Class Workbook, a 6-Week Class Outline (without scripts), scripts for an 8-Week Class Series, instructions for posting your teacher profile on the iRest Institute website and more!

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To access the Teacher Resources webpage, you need to have completed an iRest Teacher Training and have an active account on our website. For example, if you’ve already created an iRest Teacher profile or have purchased a product from our Online Store, then you’ve already created an account.

If you are not yet a teacher you can learn more about the iRest Level 1 Training. You may also view a complete list of upcoming events, with iRest trainings, retreats, workshops and more.