What Is Certification? Certification is a comprehensive process by which students who have attended Level 1 and Level 2 iRest Trainings can become a Certified iRest Teacher®. This title conveys to the public that the Teacher possesses a basic understanding of the fundamental principles and teachings that underlie iRest, and is competent to deliver iRest to groups and individuals.

When Do I Apply for Certification? As a student of iRest, you are eligible to apply for the iRest Institute Certification Program after attending a Level 1 Training or you may chose to wait and enter Certification after attending a Level 2 iRest Training. The latest date for applying for Certification is 24 months after completing a Level 2 iRest Training. After 24 months you need special permission or need to audit a Level 2 training in order to apply for Certification.

Why Would I Want To Become Certified? Certification allows you to use the designation Certified iRest Teacher®. This designation may open doors for teachers who are taking iRest into various public, private and professional settings. iRest is becoming recognized for its unique contribution as a protocol that differs from other yoga nidra and mindfulness based practices. Designation as a Certified iRest Teacher gives assurance to the public that they are receiving the iRest protocol, rather than another version of yoga nidra. Certification ensures that Certified iRest Teachers are teaching a similar iRest protocol. This is important so that teachers involved in iRest based research are delivering a consistent iRest protocol. Entry into Certification after Level 1 allows you to begin working on your Certification assignments during the time between your Level 1 and Level 2 training.

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