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Profoundly influenced by the non-dual teachings of Jean Klein as offered through Joan Ruvinsky, Éric Baret and Richard Miller, Kathleen Knipp shares her love of Pathless Yoga body and breath sensing, the texts of Kashmir Shaivism and iRest® Yoga Nidra in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada and in the US. Having assisted in the development of the iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher training curriculum, she acts as a supervisor for its certification candidates and maintains a private practice blending her background in developmental psychology with iRest to offer dyadic yoga nidra.

Co-translator of the Pratyabhijñahrdayam, a primary text of Kashmir Shaivism, Kathleen is responsible for the publication of the book, “The Recognition of Our Own Heart,” after the death of its commentator, Joan Ruvinsky.

A former resident of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, an E-RYT500 yoga teacher and co-founder and former director of Global Yoga Journeys, Kathleen has been fully absorbed in the study and practice of yoga for most of her adult life. She pursues her bliss by chanting, hiking and back-packing, preferring wandering in the woods and exploring the meditations from the Vijñâna Bhairava over most sorts of formal practice.

She is rumoured to have good organization skills as evidenced by her alphabetized spice cabinet.

Additional Teacher Specialty
Pathless Yoga Body and Breath Sensing, silent retreats