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There are many ways to learn and practice iRest. Whether you're new to meditation, looking to sharpen your professional therapy practice or you're looking to dive deep into the realm of nonduality, iRest has many resources for you to explore.



Learn how iRest can support you to awaken to your Essential Nature.

Richard Miller

iRest Products

Browse through books and audio products from Dr. Richard Miller and other iRest certified teachers.

A Form of Self Inquiry


Understand the effectiveness of iRest to restore well being and peace through research.

Stephanie Lopez

Find a Teacher

Search our community to find iRest Teachers near your location. 

iRest Trainings and Events

We offer a broad range of iRest trainings and events for all experience levels in locations around the globe:

Teacher Trainings

Teacher Trainings

Bring the healing benefits of iRest to your students or clients through our teaching trainings.

Workshops and Immersions

Workshops and Immersions

For beginners or more advanced meditators, deepen your learning or simply enjoy iRest with others.



iRest meditation retreats are available for all levels in beautiful locations across the world.

Online Courses

Online Courses and Webinars

Experience and learn iRest from the convenience of your own home at your own pace.