The iRest Community

The iRest Institute is proud to support a global community of amazing teachers, trainers and individuals that help bring the healing benefits of iRest to thousands of people looking for peace and balance in their lives. 

iRest Meditation Yoga Nidra Teachers Community Network

Teachers Community Network

The Teachers Community Network (TCN) supports iRest Teachers in their personal and professional development.

iRest Teachers Resources

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources are available to anyone completing a Teacher Training event to provide free resources that will support you as an iRest Teacher.

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The iRest Institute offers a limited number of partial scholarships for those who need financial assistance.

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Join the Teachers Community Network

Join the Teachers Community Network to access unique teacher resources and tools

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Certified Teacher Events

View the full list upcoming events from our Certified iRest teachers

We are an educational non-profit that depends on donations to keep our programs viable.

Donations help train and certify new iRest teachers, fund scholarships, and support clinical research of iRest.