Certification Contract


By remitting payment to the Integrative Restoration Institute (IRI) for the IRI Certification
program, I confirm having read the below letter and agree to be bound by the terms and
conditions set out herein.

This letter sets out the terms and conditions by which the Integrative Restoration Institute
(hereinafter “IRI”) and you (the “Student”) have agreed to enter into a program, which is intended to
lead to the Student becoming an IRI Certified iRest Teacher® (the “Program”).

The Student has completed the IRI Level 1 and may also have completed Level 2 iRest Trainings
and has applied to the Program to become a Certified iRest® Teacher. IRI has agreed to accept the
Student into the Program. The Student has reviewed the terms and conditions of the Program set
out below and has indicated acceptance of the terms and conditions by remitting payment to IRI for
the Program.

IRI and the Student agree as follows:


The Student will pay the tuition fee of US$1900 for Certification or US$1600 if enrolled during the
special pricing period immediately following the completion of the Level 1 or Level 2

Training or attendance at an iRest Institute Retreat or Immersion. This fee includes contact time of
four hours with a Supervisor by voice or video call. The Student will pay an initial amount of the
tuition to enroll in Certification. The second half of the tuition fee is due when the Student is
ready to submit assignments to their Supervisor for review.


No Guarantee of Certification

The Student acknowledges that participation in the Program, and payment of the required tuition fee does not guarantee that the Student will become a Certified iRest Teacher at the completion of the required assignments. Student acknowledges that the Certification program requires that the Student “demonstrate a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of iRest and the teachings that underlie iRest and demonstrates competency in delivering iRest to various groups and individuals”.

Student agrees that IRI, through its authorized Supervisor, shall be the sole determining body as to
whether or not the Student has attained the required level of understanding and competency
required for Certification.

The Student acknowledges that at the end of the Program, the Student may not be recommended
for Certification and may be required to engage in further studies, and that there may be
additional costs
payable by the Student in order to take part in these further studies.

The Student also acknowledges that at the completion of the required additional studies, if the
Student has not attained the required level of understanding and competency as determined by IRI
and the IRI assigned supervisor, then the Student will not receive the designation of Certified iRest


Refund Policy

Student acknowledges and agrees to the refund policy as set out below:

● Withdrawal in writing from the Program at any time before being assigned a Supervisor will
result in a refund of tuition paid by the Student less US$200.
● If the Student withdraws once they have been assigned a Supervisor, but no assignments
have been submitted for review, they will obtain a refund of their paid tuition less US$350.
● If the Student withdraws after they have submitted assignments for review by their
Supervisor, they will be refunded the second half of their tuition payment, and there will be
no refund of the first half of their tuition
● If the Student withdraws 18 months or more after enrolling, there is no refund of any of the
tuition paid by Student.


Time Limit for Completion of Assignments

The Student agrees that the time allotted to the Student to complete the Certification process shall
be 24 months from the enrollment date to the certification Program.

If the student fails to complete the assignments within the 24-month period, the Student may apply to IRI for additional time to complete the assignments. Additional fees will apply as follows:
● US$200 for three-months
● US$400 for six months
● US$800 for twelve months


Dispute Resolution Procedure

If there is any disagreement regarding the certification process between the Student and the
Supervisor, the Student shall provide written details of the disagreement to IRI. IRI shall within 10
days of receipt of the Student’s written detail, appoint one of its other Supervisors to work as an
arbitrator with the Student and the original Supervisor to attempt to settle the disagreement in a
manner that is acceptable to the Student. The arbitrator shall within 30 days of appointment, submit
a written report to the Student and to IRI. Student agrees that the finding of the Supervisor as set out in the written report shall be binding and final.

If there is any disagreement between the Student and IRI regarding the Certification process, the
Student shall provide written details of the disagreement to IRI. IRI shall within 10 days of receipt of
the Student’s written detail contact the student and attempt to reconcile the dispute to the
satisfaction of the student. If the student remains unsatisfied at the end of this reconciliation process, IRI shall refer the matter to an independent arbitrator who does not have a direct relationship with IRI but who does understand the iRest protocol and the nondual teachings. The independent arbitrator will interview the Student and IRI to determine the reason for the disagreement and attempt to arrive at a result acceptable to the Student and IRI. The Arbitrator shall submit a written report to IRI and to the Student within 60 days of appointment. The Student and IRI agree that the decision contained in the written report shall be binding on both parties and shall be final.