iRest Yoga Nidra: Finding your life's purpose

Dundas, Ontario


What is my purpose?  How do I want to be in the world?  What are my unique qualities and gifts? During this workshop, we will use iRest Yoga Nidra to help find answers to these long-held questions. 

Over two days, you will be guided in fully supported, lying down iRest meditation, as well as various inquiries which will invite you to step back from the day to day, switch off habitual thought patterns, and gain insight into your deeper qualities & life’s purpose.

You are welcome to join this class whether you have previous experience with iRest, other meditation, or are simply curious.  Please bring what you need to be comfortable lying down and sitting, as well as a notebook.  Chairs, bolsters and blankets will also be available at the studio for your use.


17 King St. E. Ste 204,
Dundas, Ontario
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