Nourish Your Inner Resource

A Meditation - Nourishing Your Inner Resource

It is so vital to recognize, nurture, and embrace your Inner Resource of unchanging well-being. This Inner Resource is a powerful ally that enables us to remain grounded, in control, and at ease within ourselves. We invite you to listen to this iRest meditation from president and founder Richard Miller, designed to help you feel at peace in the ever-changing circumstances of life.
We hope this meditation serves as a reminder to take time to nourish your body, mind, heart and soul. We also encourage you to share this recording with anyone who you feel may benefit. It is our heartfelt wish at the iRest Institute that this meditation spreads far and wide to everyone in need. 
This meditation is a gift to all. If you find value in this recording and wish to support the iRest Institute in its endeavor to spread meditation and well-being, please feel free to visit this link:
Thank You,
The iRest Team