iRest Program for Healing - Meditations with Richard Miller

The iRest Program is comprised of practices for health, healing, resiliency and well-being across all dimensions of your life. When first learning iRest, it’s helpful to feel the support of a guide and recordings. With this in mind, I’ve created these 42 recordings based on the scripts that are found within the chapters of my book, The iRest Program for Healing PTSD. Each recording is designed to help you learn the iRest Program, step-by-step, as well as weave iRest into the entire fabric of your daily life. These practices have been designed for everyone, irrespective of your background, religion, philosophy of life, or experience with trauma or PTSD.


Please feel free to scroll through and listen to the 8 Mp3 tracks that are listed below as often as you like. These recordings are part of the 42 iRest for Healing MP3 Recordings, that appear in my book as written scripts.
If you would like to purchase the entire 42 Set Volume of Mp3 recordings that I've created, as downloads to your computer please visit the Store page. If you would like to purchase the Book only, please Click Here.