In memory of TKV Desikachar

By Richard Miller

I awoke in the early morning of Saturday, July 30th from a strong waking dream with TKV Desikachar, with whom I had the great good fortune to study with for many years from the late 70’s into the late 90’s. My last personal visit with him was in his home on Christmas day, during my travels to India in 2004. His presence from this dream stayed strongly with me all last week. So it was with profound sadness that I heard the news that Desikachar had died this Sunday afternoon August 7th, a week later, at 2pm PST (2:45am Monday August 8th Chennai, India time). 


My love and prayers and condolences go out to TKV Desikachar, his wife Menaka, and his family, for their loss of the great love, light, wisdom, clarity and humor that Desikachar brought to their lives, and to all whose lives he deeply touched through his presence and teachings. I am deeply grateful for the many years I knew and studied with Desikachar.

Like the many he touched during his lifetime, his presence, wisdom, and love will live on in my heart and through my teachings and actions in the world.