by Molly Birkholm

If you randomly encountered a friend or loved one on the street, you would most likely never walk past without acknowledging them.  You would be interested to see them.  You would probably greet them by name, share a hug, ask how they are doing, and naturally find places of connection.

Yet, somehow when it comes to our own internal experience, we all too often walk past the messengers of the day without meeting them.  We suppress them.  We ignore them.  We treat ourselves as we would most likely never treat another human being.

Today, try being a true friend to yourself.  When you encounter physical sensations, feelings, emotions, and beliefs, can you meet them as you would a loved one, with curiosity, connection, love, patience, and compassion?  Can you listen deeply to what these arisings of your human experience have to share?

True meeting of others… and ourselves… enlivens connection.  As this connection deepens, awareness floods in.  Perceived separation melts into a field of Presence.  Love remains.