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iRest Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreats are geared to support people interested in opening to their underlying Essential Nature: the Mystery that has given birth to the entire cosmos. Retreatants participate in engaged spiritual discussions, multiple experiential nondual meditation practices (of which iRest is one among many offered), and ways of integrating these precious spiritual teachings into everyday life. People are introduced to the nondual teachings, which underlie iRest, and to their non-separate Essential Nature.

If you wish to understand the iRest protocol specifically, we recommend you start by first taking an iRest class, workshop, or Immersion. This is the best way to begin learning iRest. If you are interested in spiritual awakening, exploring nondual understanding, and rediscovering your Essential Nature, then retreat is the best way to go.

Upcoming iRest Yoga Nidra Retreats