Child Birth

iRest for Pregnancy & Childbirth

The practice of iRest teaches a set of tools and insights that provide the opportunity for pregnant women and expectant parents to prepare for and meet the challenges and demands of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood, while simultaneously recognizing a deep sense of acceptance, equanimity and joy. iRest is used by parents who are preparing for the birth of their child to free them from the constraining beliefs about how and what their experience of childbirth should be. This allows parents to connect to the deeper wisdom that exists within themselves that is independent of their fears and anxieties. A wisdom with which they can welcome childbirth with their own perfect and authentic intuition. iRest offers tools that specifically help women cope with the physical and emotional journey of labor and delivery. The integration of iRest into pregnancy yoga and childbirth preparation also offers a path for women to meet their personal experience of labor and baby’s birth from a place rooted in welcoming. Fathers or partners benefit from using the iRest protocols which help them remain calm and focused in the present moment and provide much needed support and love for their precious soon to be mothers. iRest for Pregnancy and Childbirth involves a process that recognizes personal expectations and helps dissolve notions of a right or wrong way for labor and birthing to unfold. iRest teaches women and couples how to meet the unknown with equanimity, peace, joy, authenticity and the experience of deeply letting go into the moment.


Spotlight on an iRest teacher

Clearlight Gerald (MA, E-RYT 500), is based in Montreal, Canada and has been teaching yoga for pregnancy and childbirth since 1999. She is one of our iRest teachers who incorporates the practice into her classes and trainings for yoga for pregnancy and childbirth.

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