IRI Event Assistant Application

We appreciate your generous offer of time & service. We offer limited opportunities to assist at IRI trainings and retreats. Please note most are unpaid positions and you must cover your travel and accommodations costs. See below for details.

Level 1 & 2 Trainings

Paid Staff Manager and Staff Manager Assistant positions, and unpaid Professional Assistant positions are available. Those interested are assigned positions according to their degree of experience & training in the following order: Senior Trainers and Supervisors, followed by Certified iRest Teachers, and then Level 2 and Level 1 Teachers-in-Training. Exceptions may be made if you’re available on short notice. Kindly indicate your short-notice availability on the form below.


Unpaid Professional Assistant positions are available. Assistants are needed to perform light duties such as passing microphones, bell ringing, bookstore sales, etc. Plan to arrive before the retreat begins and depart after the end to complete setup & cleanup tasks. Please note you must be a registered participant at the retreat in which you assist.

Applying to Assist

If interested in assisting at an IRI event kindly complete the form below and read the following procedures regarding how we’ll assign & notify you:

  • Upon receiving your request you’ll be added to a pool of assistants available for the specific event(s) you specified.
  • The Staff Manager, Staff Manager Assistant, and Professional Assistant 1 will be contacted 6 months before the event with a standby notice and description of the position. As the number of registered participants increases we’ll email you to confirm your position.
  • As registration grows we’ll contact additional Professional Assistants with standby notices. Let us know you’re still available and we’ll confirm your position once registration reaches a particular threshold.
  • Please note Professional Assistants at Kripalu events only receive complementary accommodations in dorm-style housing.

Please complete the form below which includes information about the event.

Name of event
Location of event
Are you local to the event and/or able to attend if notified 3 weeks or less before the event begins?
Are you able to arrive early and/or depart after the event to help the Staff Manager (SM) assign set-up/clean-up/staff meetings?
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