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Current Peer Led Support and Meditation 3x/week on Zoom for Veterans!  Info: https://tinyurl.com/opevacongoing

For nearly a decade, Jaene has been leading iRest in the cannabis space with varied populations —including with veterans’ groups Harborside Heroes, OperationEVAC, Weed for Warriors and Women’s Weed for Warriors. She has lead sessions with HelloMD and at Harborside, Magnolia, Harvest, Purple Heart dispensaries. Jaene taught Microdosing & Mindfulness classes and workshops at dispensaries all over the Bay Area.

She has also taught yoga and meditation at Adeline Yoga Studio, Square One Yoga Studio, and Oakland’s Cat Town. Jaene is fascinated with the power of meditation (as well as microdosing) to down-regulate the Default Mode Network (DMN) of the Brain, and activate the Task-Positive Network (TPN), resulting in healing of trauma, increasing a sense of presence and connection, and nurturing resilience. 

"Inquire into the moment of separation with a sense of awe." - Richard Miller

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Active Duty Military
Chronic Pain
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Cannabis Education