Michael Sapiro, PsyD

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Certified iRest Teacher Michael is a clinical psychologist, Dharma teacher, meditation researcher, and former Buddhist monk.  He is on faculty at Esalen Institute and is a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences where he engages in research on meditation, transformation, and consciousness. He teaches nationally on the art and science of transformation, expanded human capabilities, self-care, and nondual meditation. He is the founding teacher of Maitri Sangha Boise, an integrated Buddhist community, and director of Maitri House Yoga, LLC, serving the community through integrating meditation practices, psychology, noetic sciences, and social justice. In his integrative work with individuals and groups he relies on non-dual awareness and Buddhist psychology as a means of finding wholeness and ease, while refining the human mind through the practical application of the Dharma. His work is dedicated to personal awakening for the sake of collective and planetary transformation. He can be found at michaelsapiro.com. Michael is under the direct guidance of Richard Miller, PhD of iRest in the Kashmir Shaivism lineage, and James Baraz of Spirit Rock in the Insight Meditation tradition.

Teacher Specialty
Active Duty Military
Chronic Pain
Additional Teacher Specialty
PTSD and trauma