Terri Leonard

Certified iRest@ teacher 2018

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Terri Leonard is a certified iRest teacher and yoga therapist with 15 years of experience serving adults and children with disabilities through yoga.  Her practice is largely clinical, bringing adaptive yoga to clients in medical and mental health institutions such as cancer treatment programs, outpatient mental health clinics and day programs,  MS centers, traumatic rehab and brain injury programs.   Terri's mission is to bring the tools of yoga to underserved populations, offering yoga techniques and philosophy that is culturally accessible.

Terri is the parent of two young adults with autism and schizophrenia.  She began her personal yoga practice to help herself heal and stay balanced in the midst of raising these amazing daughters.  This personal experience of caregiver stress and life with disability informs all aspects of her work. 




Teacher Specialty
Chronic Pain
Additional Teacher Specialty
cancer treatment, cancer trauma, mental illness, MS, TBI, DD, autism, anxiety