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Headshot of James Reeves

James Reeves
Oxford, UK

James is the Director of iRest Europe. He is an iRest® Certified Senior Trainer, founder of Restful Being (, and one of the UK’s leading Yoga Nidra experts. He has studied extensively with iRest protocol founder Richard C. Miller, PhD.

James has been a practicing yoga teacher since 2005 and was qualified as a Structural Yoga Therapist after completing his training with Mukunda Stiles in 2006. From his clinic in Oxford James works with clients who are recovering from birth trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse and depression, as well as injury and other physical ailments.

He teaches Yoga Nidra at TriYoga London and regularly guest-teaches elsewhere, such as at the Khiron House trauma centre. He also runs his own regular yoga classes, workshops, and retreats. His work is focused on helping people to live the essence of their true nature: welcoming, open, spacious and free from judgment and conditioning.

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Headshot of Nole Giulini

Nöle Giulini
Port Townsend, Washington / Germany

Nöle is an iRest® Certified Senior Teacher, Trainer, and Supervisor, and a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). She teaches iRest® Yoga Nidra workshops and retreats in the Denmark, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the USA, as well as the first Level 1 training in Germany. She is an artist with a degree in Art, Psychology, and Art Therapy. She has also been certified to teach yoga by both Erich Schiffmann and Kripalu, and has been teaching yoga for 27 years.

Inspired by her lifelong work as an artist, as well as her own practice, Nöle developed a unique style that animates complex ancient teachings in a playful, practical, and deeply life changing way. It is this gift -- to live the coming together of the creative and the spiritual -- that is the essence of her teaching.

Together with her life partner Gary Lemons she owns and runs Tender Paws Yoga Studio in Port Townsend, Washington State.

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Headshot of Paul Collins

Paul Collins
High Wycombe, UK

Paul is an IYN Registered Yoga Elder, certified iRest meditation teacher and Supervisor. He first came to iRest in 2010 and specialises in delivering the practice to people in recovery from addiction and within prisons. He also integrates the iRest body sensing protocol into his practice, classes & workshops. He runs regular iRest and trauma sensitive Yoga workshops in Bucks, Henley-on-Thames and the Brighton area, where he weaves in the practice of family constellation work. He offers 1-1 private sessions and teaches the practice in prison and with military veterans suffering from PTSD.

Paul founded Thrive Inside to deliver iRest courses in prisons.

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Headshot of Beate Maaß

Beate Maaß
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Beate is an iRest Certified Teacher and Supervisor. She was introduced to the teachings of Richard Miller in Germany in 2013 by iRest trainer and supervisor Nöle Giulini, and has since then regularly assisted in Nöle's workshops.

Beate is offering iRest to groups and individuals alike. As a supervisor, she supports both German-speaking and English-speaking students through their certification process.

Beate's first groundbreaking contact with non-dual wisdom teachings was in 1997. Following that, she studied and practiced meditation in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Later, she completed her training as a yoga teacher BDY/EYU and GGF under Leopoldo Chariarse in the non-dual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism after Jean Klein.

With iRest Yoga Nidra, Beate has found the thread that unites all the essential ideas that she appreciates and loves from non-dualism, yoga, and Buddhism.

Beate lives with her husband in a small town in the Teutoburg Forest in North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany and has three wonderful grown up sons.

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Headshot of Astrid van Wesenbeeck

Astrid van Wesenbeeck
Utrecht, Netherlands

Astrid is an iRest Supervisor and became an iRest Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher in November 2019. She studied with Kirsten Guest, Stephanie Lopez, Richard Miller and James Reeves. Her deeper wish in life is to support people that have lost contact with their body and their true and unique self through trauma or other circumstances.

Besides the non-dual teachings of iRest, Astrid is inspired by the teachings of Moshé Feldenkrais and Thomas Hanna. In 2020 she will deepen her knowledge with a Somatic Exercise Coach training (with Lisa Petersen, IR).

Currently Astrid teaches 4 iRest Yoga Nidra group classes a week, all of them combined with body sensing and somatic yoga exercises. Astrid's classes are unique and personal, organized to enable safe self-inquiry.

Since the summer of 2019 Astrid left the city of Utrecht and moved with her partner to a tiny village in the middle of nature, just a couple of kilometers northern from the city of Utrecht. In her new home she has beautiful space to work one on one, including stunning surroundings for meditative walks through nature.

Astrid combines her heart work as yoga and meditation teacher with a dynamic job at the Dutch National Library in The Hague, where she is an advisor for Open Science. In the academic atmosphere at her work, Astrid organizes two iRest meditation sessions a week for her beloved colleagues.

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Headshot of Kathryn Willder

Kathryn Willder
Bath, UK

Kathryn is an iRest Certified Teacher and Supervisor and regularly assists at iRest teacher trainings and retreats. She trained with James Reeves, Richard Miller, Stephanie Lopez and Kirsten Guest. Kathryn is founder of Dynamic Rest Studio, offering iRest for individuals and groups from educational, clinical, corporate, and private settings in Bath, London and around the world on-line.

Kathryn has been a student and advocate of meditation for most of her life. She trained in zen meditation whilst attending university and after completing an MA in Psychology, she facilitated the initial provision of yoga and meditation classes in prisons throughout the UK with the Prison Phoenix Trust in Oxford, England.

Through many years as a Reception and Kindergarten Teacher, Kathryn has developed a playful approach to learning and aspires to infuse her teaching with aspects of stillness, imagination and a sense of adventure.

“I love practising and teaching iRest because it provides a systematic way of combining the cognitions of insight and awareness with feelings of joy and ease to achieve lasting wellbeing.”

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