First IRI BodySensing Weekend a Roaring Success!

Calgary was on fire with BodySensing yoga and meditation on a cool spring weekend in late April 2016.  A group of eager, enthusiastic and curious students gathered for two days of exploration with Senior IRI Teachers Anne Douglas, Barbara Eastham and Kirsten Guest,  who have a combined 60+ years of immersion in this unique nondual practise.
Over our time together, the instructors presented several talks on the basic principles of BodySensing, as well as leading 6 diverse practices ranging from 20 to 45 minutes each.  Time for small group discussions and questions rounded out a full, rich weekend experience.
To access an introductory conversation about BodySensing and to experience a short guided practice, please visit the TCN website to hear a recent Webinar by Anne, Barbara and Kirsten, available for free to all TCN members.  This webinar along with a new BodySensing recording is now available to the general public for sale at the iRest store.  
Click here to purchase.
We at IRI are ready to move forward with more BodySensing offerings!  And we are interested in your input.  Are you passionate about BodySensing?  Interesting in learning more?  Just curious about this lovely expression of the nondual meditation?
I'd love to hear from you.  If you are interested in further offerings, please send me an email at letting me know if you would consider any of the following: online recordings, in-person weekend workshops, resort location BodySensing immersions.  I'm open to suggestions, possible hosts and other ideas.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Kirsten Guest
Director of Certification, Supervisor