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Hello~ Thank you for considering Integrative Restoration as a complement to your Life. iRest is a graceful, profoundly effective and compassionate option for moving through density we can encounter within the human experience.

Transformational Facilitation is a personalized fusion of Infinite resources and healing modalities combined with an extensive spectrum of experience and education. Sessions are a unique alchemy of iRest, LifeForce Yoga, Restorative and Hatha Yoga, Healing Sound and Interactive Facilitation. TF helps to restore dependable, functional, healthy, peaceful and joyous relationships with ourselves and others, harnessing our Infinite capacities to transform.
One of my gifts is communicating in creative, useful, understandable and inspiring ways that encourage, empower and educate, not intimidate.

I invite you to visit my website,, to get an expanded sense of what I offer in the realm of Healing Assistance. Trust what led you to the iRest website; try a CD first and experience its profound healing potential as you explore your own.

Additional Teacher Specialty
I welcome all who feel drawn to iRest.