Cameron Mckinley

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Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher  
Sonoma County, CA

Cameron McKinley is an ordained Interfaith Minister. She has been a practitioner of mind/body/spirit healing modalities for over twenty years. Her practice includes one-on-one iRest sessions, Shamanic Counseling and subtle energy healing work.

Cam is former Chair of the Professional Advisory Group at California Pacific Medical Center’s Department of Spiritual Care in San Francisco. She is an Emeritus member and former Chair of the Community Advisory Council of the Institute for Health & Healing, California Pacific Medical Center's integrative medicine program.

Whether called to serve an individual, group or institution, Cam utilizes the transformational practice of iRest to support herself and others in moving beyond self-limiting beliefs and conditioning to recognize, experience and, ultimately, to rest in and as the presence and peace of Being itself, regardless of life’s circumstances.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground - Rumi

Teacher Specialty
At Risk Youth
Chemical Dependency
Chronic Pain
High School
Additional Teacher Specialty
Bereavement / Life Transitions